Being in the supine position in contact with the floor, a flat surface, determines where our points of support are and form our bodies’ outline. In this position, we should wait for a few minutes, allowing our weight to sink and quieten our interior self and so, be able to observe ourselves and listen to our own breathing. If we don’t oppose the movement we will feel our backbone move, a ripple which starts from the occipital bone and continues to the Sacrum, caused by our breathing.

The movements produced by breathing and swinging while we practise have a positive effect on our muscles. Breathing is intimately linked with our muscles, while swinging helps calm us and releases any possible tension. Breathing makes our muscles soft and relaxed, so that our articulations settle adequately in their place. In this way we can avoid the constant submission to rules and routine which ultimately take us away from individual needs and demands. Once more we must observe ourselves, surrender to the pleasure of moving... swaying of hips and body, spiralling with our backbone, contracting and releasing with our rhythm of breathing, and modify bad habits which have become chronic…all this will liberate us.

This is the main difference between the disciplines that use the body as an instrument at the service of technique and this method which aspires to awaken the connections between different aspects of our personality. We only need to move to revitalise our mechanism, which is always dynamic, and if the movements are done with feeling and quality it will benefit both our physical structure and our emotional health. When the force of gravity flows spontaneously throughout the body we will be perfectly balanced in a vertical position and we will move with far more ease.