We still haven’t really understood yet how important movement is, both for the development of our body and our nervous connections. Therefore we should ask ourselves certain questions if we wish to take responsibility for our own personal, intellectual and physical growth. The way we move outlines a particular and unique trace and it is part of our own personality. If we really focus on our body, we will somehow free ourselves from the excess of rationality and we will go back to our most primary and sensory roots. The intention is not to acquire a particular skill, but rather a certain state; a state which corresponds to the very essence of our being and a state that establishes a mechanical harmony within our body. Through this, our movements will become more and more organic, and this integration of body and mind is a clear sign of our evolution as human beings.

According to The Alexander Technique, a human being needs to release the tension of certain muscles in order to be able to move, since a series of reflex actions does the rest. All our actions are based on these reflexes as they are responsible for regulating our organism. The stimulation of nerve endings produces reflexes which respond to the stretching and contraction of muscles, but reflex actions take place reflexively, that is to say, unconsciously. When the mechanics of our body are properly balanced, these reflexes are more acute and therefore the step from sensation to action is more efficient. We receive their signals and hence, have the possibility to avoid excessive tension in our muscles. There is no doubt that by increasing mechanical fluency we also increase sensitivity.

We become less capable of perceiving when we concentrate on rationality. Senses may be dull or, on the contrary, sharp and light. It all depends on the quality and perfection of our movements. If we understand physical activity as pure gymnastics, we won’t improve. In other words, repetitive movements with little precision and no concentration or attention are of no help to increasing sensibility and may lead to blocking body mechanics to the point of annulling all sensibility.