The practice of this method invites us to observe, perceive and discover ourselves as individuals. It entails far more than physical training based simply on muscle strength and movement skills. We are invited to study and feel our body through the dialogue established between those who impart Harmony in body mechanics and those who receive the classes. This dialogue teaches us how to move in order to acquire perfect muscle tone, adjust our joints and balance our body structure in a vertical position and thus prevent premature wearing of our body’s mechanics while at the same time mitigating the effects of aging.

The body’s mechanism, however, is designed to work in a particular way so that certain movements tend to be similar in all the physical activities we do. In this sense, to explain “what” we do is not as important as understanding that each movement should be accompanied with a meaning. The body is not simply a gadget which is externally articulated; we need to observe and feel our body with all its senses and intrinsic subtleties. Being aware of our body is a starting point to recognising ourselves as instinctive and emotional individuals, which will permit us to enjoy a more specific and unique way of life

Being aware of our anatomy, however, entails great dedication. Awareness is part of the composition of oneself. That is why it is so important to be aware of everything we do and pay attention “to feelings”. Perception is closer to empiricism than theory. There are no rules that indicate how “to feel” our body because rules would soon become inflexible and senseless. The systematic repetition or imitation of movements would only serve to further remove us from awareness, and awareness is absolutely necessary for being able “to feel” ourselves consciously. Certainly we need to dedicate time and attention to learn to observe ourselves. However, this doesn’t mean we have to become obsessed with learning about our anatomy in a scientific way because this will not help us become more perceptive. What we really need is to take part in our own individual development to begin to understand it.